She Went Outside To Check On Her Dogs, But Look At The One On The Right Chair!

One of the many wonders of having and animal friend living with you at home is seeing how they get more and more similar to you and your family. It’s always adorable to see pets do something exactly as their owners do, like when dogs imitate calls and dances, and how cats; after a while of living with a human as lazy as them, learn how to sit exactly like people do on chairs, or couches. They are always full of surprises!

The video below shows two dogs having one of these hilarious moments as their mom finds them on her porch. She was certainly shocked when she saw her two pups sitting on the rocking chairs that she had put outside, just like an elder married couple would, and it’s simply adorable.

It was very fortunate that Mom was able to take out her camera on time, because this moment is too precious for words! They don’t just sit on the chairs still, watch the doggy on the right! After a few seconds, he starts rocking his chair just like a person would, and it’s completely heart-melting.

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