She Went Outside And Peeked Into The Doghouse. Who She Finds In There With Her Dog? WHOA!

Dogs are instinctively very curious creatures. There are plenty of stories of Dogs leading their owners to surprising occurrences, however these 5 adorable Basset Hounds take the cake! YouTube user Gretchen Hoey was recently going out to check on her dogs when she stumbled upon a sight that she couldn’t help but film. She quickly ran to grab her camera, not wanting to miss a second of this
hilarios moment.

Are you familiar with the “clown car” concept? Well, Hoey’s 5 Basset Hounds, are definitely intimately acquainted! Every single one of them decided to cozy up into one tiny little dog house and the result is amazing! The title of the clip says it all – this is truly a “Basset Hound clown car” and we love every second of it!

First Hoey sneaks out the window so she doesn’t disturb her napping puppies, but in the end they all end up waking up anyway. “It’s a clown car! Oh my gosh..” says Gretchen, then quickly counts out each dog as they finally exit.

Check out this amazing video and enjoy the laughter! I don’t know about you, but this little clip had me up in stitches! Made me remember the times when I did this with my friends in order to get someplace, all squashed in one tiny car! Be sure to share it with your friends and family, share a bit of the fun of this clip!

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