We’re Not Sure What’s More Impressive, Her Adorable Little Face Or Her Ancestry

When two ranchers welcomed a new filly into the fold, they never could have anticipated the commotion she would stir up. Though she might look harmless, this angelic beauty has a fighter’s spirit.

Scott and Jackie Nelson are known for breeding prize-winning horses at their Florida farm, but this filly has brought them nearly 4 million new visitors. Aptly christened Coconut, this little lady is stunning viewers all around the globe with her ultra-rare brown and white coat.

Coconut’s unique pattern is what’s known as “tovero” or a blend of the two different colorations found in Pinto and American Paint Horses. However, that’s not the only thing that makes her special.

The little filly is also a genuine “war horse” due to her shield markings and incredible “Sky Eye.” According to indigenous mythology, horses like Coconut were ridden exclusively by the Chief or Medicine Man of the tribe. Though we’re impressed by her remarkably rare birthmarks, what really has us hooked is her cute little canter.