Wesley The Golden Retriever Needed Orthodontist Help! After Weeks Of Braces His Problem Was Corrected!

Being a responsible pet owner comes with many tasks. The most important of these tasks is to watch over closely your pets’ health to the best of your abilities. Sometimes they need special attention such as the pooch in the next story! Meet this adorable little Golden Retriever puppy named Wesley. Now, Wesley’s life was almost perfect. He had a loving owner named Molly Moore, who pampered Wesley with whatever he wanted.

There was just one problem — his teeth were growing incorrectly. And it started to affect Wesley.

Molly knew that Wesley needed help, so she decided to take him to a dog orthodontist! Thankfully Molly’s father was a dog orthodontist, and he recommended that Wesley get braces. If this sounds odd to you, fear not, it is a well-documented procedure and it has been demonstrated that dogs  benefit just as much from the process just as humans do!

After several weeks of braces, Wesley no longer has braces on and also has a perfect smile. Looks like Wesley will be able to chew all the toys he desires now!  Take a look at the footage below to understand just how much he changed and don’t miss Wesley’s adorable face with braces!

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