Secret Santa Delivers Christmas Miracles That’ll Make You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy

WestJet ChristmasThere is nothing more joyful than being reunited with loved ones that have been separated by great distances over long periods of time. This is especially true when that reunion is at Christmastime, that special season when keeping your family close is so important.

The family-oriented airline known as “WestJet” plays Secret Santa each and every year.  This year they released a sentimental video that spreads happiness by embracing the spirit of giving at Christmastime.

WestJet Christmas

They have done it again this holiday season, their new video brings Christmas cheer to some lovely people who would be spending their holidays without the company of missing friends or relatives due to long distance separation.

This year they searched for folks who were missing a loved one and offered to fly them to London to supposedly participate in the making of a WestJet airline commercial. Kathleen and Bob from Halifax were among the recipients of this gesture, believing they were selected for the commercial…

But in reality, WestJet had also flown out their eldest daughter, Jennifer, who lives halfway around the world, in South Korea. It was a total shock when the unsuspecting parents were out shopping in London and their daughter surprises them. Their joy is simply priceless.

It is so wonderful to see the happiness that these heart-warming reunions bring. Surely bringing together loved ones is one of the best Christmas miracles of all. For a real tug on your heart-strings, catch the amazing reactions to these wonderful reunions, on the WestJet Christmas video.

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Secret Santa Delivers Christmas Miracles That\'ll Make You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy