Maru The Cat Loves Getting In Boxes – What Happens When You Give Him Two?

We love Maru! We just absolutely love his silly antics. Just recently, we shared a video of Maru, and in that video, it appears that Maru is not in his usual favorite place–inside a box. But we know Maru is always in a box. And after a few seconds, we see the whole truth–Maru IS in a box.

In this video, Maru is, of course, in a box! But what do you think would happen if Maru is presented another box while he is in a box? What would he do then?


Well, it’s no surprise, Maru gets into the second box, too. And yes, he is still inside the first box. This is a seriously box-obsessed cat. He is absolutely hilarious. No wonder he is such a sensation on the internet.

Watch the video below and see how he does it. This one is too funny and too cute to miss. Maru is one hilarious cat, and his obsession with boxes is really adorable. Don’t miss his antics in the video below.