What Is Cuter Than THIS?!

The only thing possibly cuter than cats are the humans who take care of them. That’s true; watch this ad to see just how persuasive and charming the human is who is featured in this video. Witty, charming, goofy, funny, obviously caring and more – this human is a great brand ambassador for the no-kill shelter located in Georgia.

To raise awareness about their shelter’s furry inmates, the staff at Furkids Animals Rescues and Shelters decided to create their own “Kitty Kommercial” and this video went viral! Getting over 5 million views, judging by the comments people have left on the video’s post, it’s clear to see that many really like the way the ad was presented by the funny furkid Daddy.

Featuring sleeping cats, hungry cats, big cats, small cats and the rare appearance of a dog in this cat commercial, this video has some great lines that made me laugh out loud! Certain phrases are so funny like ‘2016 models are compatible with windows’, when you see little kittens playing with the glass door.

This ad may have been low budget, but it sure worked like hot cake! If I lived in the area, I definitely would’ve walked into the shelter to adopt a furbaby of my own!

What did you think of this ad? Did it really catch your attention? I know I won’t be forgetting this guy in a hurry! LOL. Write in with your thoughts on this video in the section below – let’s see how many people actually visited the shelter or adopted a fur baby of their own, no matter where they live.

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