WHAT Just Happened?! This High-Flying Dance Team Defies Belief And Gravity

V.Unbeatable came all the way from India to wow the judges with their acrobatic dance moves. The AGT bar has been set for dance from this point on, and the bar is set high.

When 28 young men from India all piled onto the “America’s Got Talent” stage, the judges weren’t sure what to expect. When those same boys started flying through the air, none of us could breathe properly.

V.Unbeatable came to AGT from Mumbai, India, where many of the boys in the troupe live in the slums. While life, where they live, is very hard, they dream of using dance to better the circumstances for themselves and their families.

During Season 14 we noticed that every dance costume V.Unbeatable wore featured the word “VIKAS” written on the back. Before one of their performances, the group explained that Vikas is the name of one of their friends who used to be part of the dance team but unfortunately passed away. They dedicated everything they accomplished on AGT to Vikas, and wear his name with pride.

V. Unbeatable has a breathtaking style every time they take the stage. Said one Youtube commenter: “I wonder if the smallest boy who was the “centre piece” in most of their epic tricks (that backflip into the chair at Judge Cuts! ) has his own “frequent flyer” card. Throughout the season, he especially seemed to spend more time flying through the air than he did on the ground. If so, his frequent flyer miles would’ve gone through the roof by now. The whole team of “aerodynamic aces” are pure DYNAMITE.”

WHAT Just Happened?! This High-Flying Dance Team Defies Belief And Gravity