What This Dog Does To That Baby Is Heart-Touching! Another Reason You Should Have A Dog! WOW!

This is such a cute video, but the type that will no doubt touch your heart. The maker of this video wants to show you why you should introduce a dog in your baby’s life. Having a dog can have many benefits. If you have a child, that benefit just increases. A dog is one of the greatest gifts to give to your child; they are caring and considerate and responsible.

The dog in this video is called Charlie and he is a Beagle. The owners seem to have taught their dog everything from playing a keyboard to changing traffic lights to swinging the baby’s crib. But the one thing that they didn’t have to teach Charlie is the most important; they didn’t have to teach him how to love their baby. He makes her smile every day without any asking for anything in return.

Watch Charlie and the adorable relationship he has with the baby in the video! What a great dog! Share your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!


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