What This Puppy Does When Her Human Sneezes Is The CUTEST Thing You’ll Ever See!

Sneezes are like snowflakes; no two sneezes are exactly alike. In your life, you may have met some people with some very unique and even hilarious sneezes. But when it comes to the best sneezes of all time, it would be pretty hard to compete with the adorably funny sneezes captured in this compilation.

Humans aren’t the only animals that enjoy a good sneeze; dogs and cats enjoy sneezing as well. And the sneezes featured in this video are pure cuteness! We have the cat that practically knocks herself over with the power of her sneeze. We have a contest between a man and his dog for who can sneeze the loudest. We even witness a sneezing chicken! All delivering unique sneezes that are equal parts adorable and hilarious!

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