What’s more fun than Christmas? Kids opening Christmas presents!

Do you remember when you were a kid? I still do. Well, chances are, you are still a kid. Anyway, my favorite time of year, just as any other kid I knew was Christmas. The whole anticipation was sometimes too much to bear. Everything starts when you are writing your letter to Santa. First of all, you want to cover all your bases. What do you ask for? Getting the letter just right is crucial for you to get the presents you want.

For starters, is it better to give Santa options? What if you don’t and then Santa cannot get what you ask for in time. The way that I always did it, was asking for about 2-3 more things that I really wanted. They would depend on how well I had behaved in the year. If I was confident my behavior had been up to par, I would ask for big presents, which I almost always got.

There were of course years, when I had not behaved too well. I got really nervous writing that letter. I almost felt that Santa would not even open the letters of kids who had not behaved that well. I was sure that Santa had a secret way of telling which letters came from well-behaved children. Whenever I found myself behaving badly, I always started my letter apologizing. I mean, I wasn’t really a bad kid, I just got distracted at school and at home. This kept me form hearing instructions or following through on things I needed to do.

After writing the letter, you need of course to go meet Santa at the mall. It’s always better to ‘remind’ him of your presents or make small changes if you decide to change your mind. I also took advantage of the chance of seeing Santa face to face and always apologized when I had not been a very good kid. All I can say, is that it worked! I usually got most of the presents I had asked for.

Everything had been done and now it was only a matter of waiting for Christmas Day to come. When it did, I was almost too excited to sleep that night. Every year, I planned what would be my meeting Santa. I would set camp near the staircase and put out a glass of milk and cookies for Santa. The problem was, that I always fell asleep there and I would wake up in my bed.

I’ve grown up now and have kids of my own, and there’s nothing more magical than watching children open their presents on that happy day. The following video is just that. So, in case you love watching kids opening presents, or just like to remember when yours did, this video will bring tons of joy and take you back. Simply heart-warming!