Wheelchair-bound Sister Experiences The Love Of Protective Brother. They Share the Warmest Moment.

Siblings, they can be both the best and a burden. Usually brothers and sisters differ greatly in personality or tactics. Some are best friends and hang out all the time others love each other dearly but life is busy. Difficult to be completely balanced in work and a personal life. Most now-a-days must be for one or the other. Playing with your sibling just seemed natural. Sure, you didn’t want to play with what they were interested in, but you compromised and worked it out.

Kansas is where the Cochran family calls home. They’ve lived in Kansas for most of the kids’ lives. When escorting his sister down the street the young boy is confused by the looks his sister, whom he loves dearly, receives. He states plainly that she’s normal, she’s a human being.

When describing how they feel about each other they both seem to deviate to how they complement each other. They both describe situations in which they would and should help each other of their strengths would/ Not only that, but older brother Trent claims that if his sister hadn’t been afflicted with spinal muscular atrophy since age two, he claims he would be an entirely different person. Not only different but less mature for a kid in his situation. His sister being herself allows him to be himself fully. He really is on top of it!

Trent and Lindsay Cochran are best friends AND brother and sister. Throughout their relationship, the two have been filling in for each other’s blind spots, making sure both can be propelled to accomplish their goals. The two have been close-knit for a long time, and it appears it’s going to be that way for a long time.

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