Wheelchair Dogs Play Fetch With A Stick..Adorable!

This is another incredible dog story that will really touch your heart. These dogs had a disadvantage as they were paralyzed. This meant that they weren’t able to run around like the other dogs or keep up with them in doggy fun and games. Although their spirit was willing, their body was weak. Until someone gave them a second chance.

They were given wheelchairs! Watch how they run and keep up with other healthy four legged dogs. The lady in the video throws a stick and its so heart warming to see all the dogs run enthusiastically as only dogs know how. It doesn’t bother them that some have all four limbs and some need the help of a wheelchair. Throw a stick and tell them to fetch and you’ll see all the dogs scampering to be the first to fetch the stick.

I love this video for capturing a precious moment – one that shows how all dogs are inherently happy when they’re together, loved by someone. It’s a bit like how all dogs are born equal, and they don’t care who’s got four legs or three, as long as everyone is having fun. If only humans were more like this.

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