When An Adorable 1-Year-Old Elvis Fan Hears Her Favorite Song, She Can’t Help But Sing Along

As America’s “King Of Rock And Roll,” famed musical icon Elvis Presley probably never imagined that his fan base would include an impassioned 1-year-old. But this tiny powerhouse sure knows how to rock out, as seen in her enthusiastic car karaoke.

It seems like this isn’t the first time 1-year-old Ella Mae has delivered a stunning performance from her car seat – before taking his place behind the wheel her dad has strategically placed a camera in the back seat. As the tot poses for the camera, we have no idea that a musical masterpiece is about to take place.

But first, we are treated to an incredibly adorable display of toddler affection, as Ella Mae enthusiastically calls out to her dad. Amidst her cute outbursts of “daddy!” her father starts the car and Elvis Presley’s “American Trilogy” begins to play from the radio.

And this song is Ella Mae’s jam. After taking a moment to gather herself, the baby songstress begins to wail along, complete with dramatic arm motions and intense facial expressions. This little girl sure feels the music, and we think “The King” himself would be proud.