When Brian ‘plays dead’ his two dogs spring into action

Usually, it’s the dogs that play dead. But when Brian does it, his dogs Max and Murph are the first to act quickly to wake him up (complete with inner dialogue).

When German Shepherd Max and Golden Retriever Murph bark and explore throughout the house, they go on many adventures. However, when their human Brian tends to do a bit of “play dead”, his dogs try their best to “wake him up”.

A viral video posted by Brian also features a bit of inner dialogue between both Max and Murph. ‘Did Hooman rescue’, they ask.

If anything, Murph is always the dog who knows how to pull off the guaranteed wake up. Just jump on Brian’s stomach and he’ll be up in no time.

For dogs like these, they are trained for any sign of potential distress. Who says dogs don’t know more than humans?