When Dachshund Mom “Loulou” Gave Birth To 6 Pups, The Internet Quickly Fell In Love

Being a new parent for the first time comes with a plethora of exciting moments and skills to learn. No book will teach you everything you need to know, but maternal instincts tend to kick in naturally.

The same can be said for dogs giving birth to their first litter. Loulou is a beloved Dachshund who has quite a big fanbase online. She gave birth to six adorable puppies that look just as cute as you’d expect.

As she explores the life of being a mother, the little pups are learning how to navigate the big, strange world they’ve been born into. With an endless supply of treats and cuddles, it’s safe to say they’re in good hands, or paws rather.

The puppies love to spend time with their siblings and follow their mom around their new home. The mini canines have already discovered wrestling, belly scratches, and how to turn on their charm with those beautiful brown eyes.