When dad breaks out a drum and starts to jam, this dog is totally there

Pit bulls aren’t the only dog breed with a bad name. Over in England, the Staffordshire bull terrier suffers from a similarly bad (and undeserved) reputation. Adem Basharan and his “Staffie” Ziggy Trixx have been doing their best to combat the breed’s stigma.

The Staffordshire bull terrier’s bad reputation goes back to the breed’s ancestors, dogs that were bred for “blood sports” like bull or bear baiting and dog fighting. That kind of thing went out with the early 19th century, but the guilt by association remains. Like pit bulls, Staffies are extremely muscular with wide mouths, large teeth, and powerful jaws. For all their fearsome appearance, the modern Staffie was bred to be a companion animal. And they are in fact friendly, affectionate, and even tempered. As Mark Evans, chief veterinarian of the RSPCA explained: “Staffies have had a terrible press, but this is not of their own making — in fact they’re wonderful dogs. If people think that Staffies have problems, they’re looking at the wrong end of the dog lead! When well cared for and properly trained they can make brilliant companions. Our experience suggests that problems occur when bad owners exploit the Staffie’s desire to please by training them to show aggression.”

As his name suggests, Ziggy Trixx is a dog of many talents, everything from old standards like playing dead to modern skills like skateboarding. When his human dad Adem takes him out in public and has him do tricks, people get to see that the Staffordshire bull terrier isn’t the monster they might have been lead to believe. Ziggy has managed to become something of a local celebrity, appearing on TV and making the newspapers.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, when dad breaks out the drum, Ziggy goes totally nuts. Hearing his favorite jam, he jumps and dances for joy.

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