When Dad Brought A Tiny Kitty Home, He Never Expected His Dog To React Like THIS!

Cats and dogs are not known to get along so well. The old saying “To fight like cats and dogs” shows just how bad these critters got along with each other. But as with anything, there are exceptions. This video shows one of them—an 80 pound husky being friends with a 1 pound kitten!

Navarro the dog is a huge husky. When his owner introduced a little kitty in the house, he was afraid that they would not get along so well. He thought the huge size difference between Navarro and Iben the kitten would be a challenge. But he couldn’t have been more wrong! Iben was completely safe with Navarro—they seem to enjoy each other’s company. The kitten is especially awed by the dog’s wagging tail, and how he plays with it is just adorable!

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