When Mum Asked These Dogs “Who Stole The Cookie?” Their Reaction Tells You Everything You Need To Know!

Dogs can be incredible. They can be adorable, playful, and faithful companions. Dogs can bring true happiness to any household or any family that they enter into. But dogs are also quite childlike. And this means that they may not fully understand the consequences of their actions.

In this video we find out that one of the two dogs has just stolen mom’s cookie. Knowing that one of them is guilty mom interrogates both of them. The reaction she gets is absolutely priceless. But the part that I loved the most was the look on the face of the guilty dog.

He was not only guilty but you clearly felt that he also felt betrayed by his friend. The guilty expression that this dog has is not only illuminating but hilarious. Watch this video and enjoy these two dogs and there incredible antics.

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