When Mum Asked “Who Stole The Cookie?” It Was The Pooch Of The Left That Cracked Me Up!

Dogs are loyal to a fault. They will do anything that you ask solely for the concession that they might get a pat later. The downside to being so honest is that they are unable to lie. When a dog is feeling guilty he wears his guilt on his face, it is so obvious and it can be very funny.

One of the black Labradors in this video has stolen a cookie off the counter. Mom has set about finding out who has done this great injustice in order to bring some normalcy back to the world. Mom’s interrogation brings out an incredible reaction that had me laughing out loud!

When Mom precious the two dogs the dog on the left does something that will absolutely cracked you up. I couldn’t believe that this dog did this, and I was so glad that Mom caught this on tape and can share it with us.

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