When Mum Rescued This And Abandoned Dog She Had No Idea How It Would Change Her Whole Family!

Autism is a developmental condition which is diagnosed by classifying issues with relationships, language, and other abstract concepts. People who suffer from this condition struggled to understand social concepts, and that can make them ostracised.

Jonny Hickey, the little boy in this video, suffers from autism. He was diagnosed very young and he struggles with anxiety and nervousness. It makes it difficult for him to interact in any meaningful way with people outside of his own family.

One day his mum saw a story about a dog that had been abandoned. After hearing a heartbreaking story Jonny’s mum decided to adopt the dog. They had not expected this to happen, but Jonny immediately changed when he met the new family pet, Xena. This dog helped him with his issues, and has made him a more productive member of society.

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