When One Father Shaves His Beard, His Tearful Toddler Has No Idea Where Dad Went

When you’re only two-feet tall, the world can be a scary place, where mom and dad are the only landmarks. For this one-year-old, everything is suddenly turned upside down when her dad goes from grizzled lumberjack to smooth-skinned baby-face in the span of a few minutes.

The video starts with baby Dot and her father engaged in a warm embrace, after which Dad asks if Dot can identify his beard. Eager to show off her knowledge, Dot answers the question by burying her tiny hand in his wooly mane.

Thus sets off a chain of events that poor little Dot will probably never forget. When her dad disappears to the bathroom to “clean up,” the little girl toddles after in hot pursuit. But, when he emerges from the bathroom, Dot is stunned. Who is this stranger and what happened to Dad?

It seems that in those few minutes, Dot’s father managed to shave off his beard, and Dot no longer can recognize him. After showing her confusion and even refusing to embrace her newly clean-shaven father, Dot is forced to resort to some hearty screams to be rescued by Mom. And we can’t blame her, we’d be confused too if our Dad disappeared!