When She Saw Her Dog Doing THIS With The Elephant She Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes!

Everybody needs a friend. And as I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on the Internet to prove it, friends come in all shapes and sizes. I have seen unlikely friendship videos between dogs and cats; magpies and dogs; even horses and dogs. What am saying is dogs can make friends with anyone.

The dog in this video has made friends with an elephant. Bubbles the elephant was orphaned when her parents were killed by ivory poachers. She is spent most of her life living alone because her family was stolen from her.

In this video we see that Bella the Black Labrador is trying to help out the elephant. Both the dog and the elephant love to go for a swim and they have bonded over the activity. It’s great to see that Bubbles has made a friend, as elephants are social creatures and it must have been terribly lonely for her.

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