When the music starts this horse will completely astound you! I couldn’t believe this!

Blue Hors Matiné is an incredible horse. This majestic beauty has perfect balance and skill. In this video Matiné is performing with her owner Andreas Helgstrand. This was filmed at the WEG 2006 test. Once you watch this routine you will be completely hooked.

Matiné is only nine years old when she performed this incredible act. This dance routine left everyone amazed. When the video was uploaded onto YouTube it quickly ramped up more than 13 million views. This was an incredible Internet sensation when it was released and it still is today.

Unfortunately Matiné broke her leg in 2010 and had to be put down. Even though this incredible horse cannot perform today, you can still see how amazing she was. Watch this video and bask in her talent.

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