When They Approached That Homeless Dog, They Weren’t Expecting Her Brother To React That Way… OMG!

Hope For Paws does an amazing job. When animals are in need they send out rescuers to save them. In this video they received a call concerning two dogs that were living under an underpass. The brother and sister dogs had made their home under the busy Los Angeles I-5 freeway.

The rescuers had to crawl through a tunnel just to get to the dogs. When the poodles spotted them they were defensive. The tiny pack prepared to defend itself. The rescuers were cautious and took their time to gain the trust of the two dogs.

They were taken to a groomer where they were cleaned up. The rescuers decided to name the dogs Pepsi and Cola. The transformation in this video is unbelievable. The dogs at the end of the video are unrecognisable from the pair that were living under the freeway.

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