When This Baby Tried To Get Cozy With The Husky I Feared For A Moment But Then? OMG!

Siberian Huskies are a tough, hardy and resilient breed of dogs. We think of them as being effective as guardians of our house and normally used for protection. But I had no idea that would be so gentle around babies. Labradors and other breeds are well known for this but it seems that even Huskies can be trusted with babies, as this video shows us.

This video shows us a young toddler playing with a huge Siberian husky. Normally the size of the dog would be enough to frighten most of us but this baby is undaunted! He plays with the husky, wrestles it to the floor and even puts his hand inside the dog’s mouth! The husky seems to realize that he is only a baby and is very gentle with him, displaying his love by licking him affectionately.

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