When This Contestant Sings ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ – His Voice, His Range, Wow! I Mean WOW!

Watch Shane Q Deliver A Country Hit That Shows Just How Much Range and Versatility This Man Has

Opening with words that wowed Gwen Stefani, instantly pointing out this emerging star’s talent, Shane Q delivered an amazing performance. His rendition of Chris Stapleton’ “Tennessee Whiskey” turned four chairs and is a true must-see.

Hailing from Sacramento California, Shane Q has been a musician for most of his life, but after making ‘The Voice’s’ judges fight for his support, we may have all witnessed his breakthrough.

Next to turn was Kelly Clarkson with Blake not far behind. All the judges were clearly in awe of Shane’s range and raw emotion. Just as Shane Q hit his closing run, John Legend raised his hand striking his buzzer.

og2 When This Contestant Sings ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ – His Voice, His Range, Wow! I Mean WOW!

Shane, you got a lot of gospel flavor in you. You started hitting those high notes and the runs – it was too much fun and congratulations.

“I turned my chair before everybody else.” declared Gwen before confusing Sacramento and San Francisco.

She continued, “Every time you thought your voice was one thing you changed it till the very end where my eyes were like back into my hair. That is what wins a show. It’s being able to grow and surprise people.”

Watch all four judges in their attempt to coax country singer Shane Q to their team. Everyone had a strong argument, and not even Blake’s string of self-praise could steal the limelight from this star.

Blake Shelton’s plea started off strong with him saying “I know you’re making San Diego proud tonight” confusing Shane Q’s hometown as he continued to mock Gwen. Within moments, his praise turned to reading an article instead – a piece about no one other than Blake himself.

“Blake Shelton may not have won Season 16 of ‘The Voice,’ but he’s still the greatest of all time” read Blake bringing the room to mix of ridicule and cheer. Kelly instantly asked him, “Do you, like, wake up and Google yourself.”. Blake continued to be his own cheerleader, until strutting around the stage.”

“Do you want your coach dancing all up in your videos?” asked John Legend in reference to Sugar Night which made Blake laugh so hard that his drink went up his nose. Once everyone was done with the hysterics, Kelly Clarkson finally got back to business.

“I think the most beautiful part about you is that you didn’t categorize yourself. I love going in and out of genres, and that is what I love about my career. I would be good for you as a coach in that sense. We could give you any song, and you could nail it.” said Kelly.

She concluded her pitch declaring “I mean, you’re gonna be in the finale” – closing words that indeed won her a fine addition to “Team Kelly.”

If you love the unique sound of Shane Q, then you can’t miss his frequently-updated SoundCloud. It’ll keep you up-to-date with his latest movements.

Well, Shane, you’ve made it. There are few greater platforms for success than that provided by NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ Congratulations – with a voice like that, you deserve it.

When This Contestant Sings \'Tennessee Whiskey\' – His Voice, His Range, Wow! I Mean WOW!