When This Dad Found Out That His Daughter Had Been Bullied At School His Reaction Had Be Weeping!

Bullying is a serious concern to every person in the world. No one can escape it, it’s not limited to a single country, race, age, or demographic. The little girl in this video has been suffering in silence like so many others.

When her dad heard about the problem, even though he was heartbroken, he came up with a brilliant solution to help her fight against these bullies. Dad wrote this anti-bullying song called “Love Yourself.” He wanted to remind her how much she is really loved.

This song has not only helped his daughter but many people across the world who have faced a similar situation. Social media has spread this video out across the world to those who need it. Hopefully this song can help bullied children build up their confidence and embrace who they are in their own hearts.

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