When This Dog Was Found Covered In Hot Tar, These People Sprang Into Action To Help The Dog Out!

There are some incredible rescues you can find on the Internet. But I haven’t ever seen one like this. This video comes from India, where this Poor dog fell into a puddle of hot tar and was powerless to move once the tar dried around him.

The tar was so heavy that the dog was forced to the ground and couldn’t get up. Luckily this passerby found the dog struggling and called in some help from an organisation called Animal Aid United. These amazing people hurried to help the poor puppy out and if it were not for them he definitely would have died.

When you see the dog lying there motionless and in terrible pain you will feel terrified for the dog. It took the rescuers over two days to remove the tar. They continuously applied vegetable oil onto his fur in order to free him.

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