When This Elephant Heard Music, He Walked Over And Did Something That Surprised Everyone.

Elephants are truly amazing and beautiful animals. They say that elephants have amazing memories, but this video is proof to me that elephants are extremely intelligent animals.

Watch what happens as a gigantic elephants gets very close to this man as he is playing the piano. I never expected something like this to happen.

It all started when the employees at Elephant Stay, an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, were curious about how the elephants would respond to live music.

That’s when they decided to set up a piano and start playing. Watch what happens when this elephant hears the music. The beautiful animal can’t help but join in on the fun and ends up playing a duet with the man.

According to their website, “the program involves living with, caring for, and learning about elephants. Your elephant will be relying on you to take care of them and show them the love they deserve.”

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