When You See This Video You Will Realize That House Cats Are Not So Different From Their Wild Cousins!

If you ever spent any time around a cat that you know how much they love boxes. But this video shows you that it is not a domesticated trait. These big Wildcats absolutely love boxes too. Watch this video to see the big cats playing the same way that household cats play with boxes.

This video was posted by “Big Cat Rescues,” a rescue place that provides a safe, happy environment for big cats. The cats in this video were given a large paper box. You will see that these Wildcats have the same fascination for boxes as a cat in your house.

No one understands why cats love boxes so much. It is both mysterious and hilarious. This video shows the funny side of these big predators. I really enjoyed watching these big cats and their funny antics with this box. I think you will too.

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