Whenever These Baby Otters Spot Their Favorite Human They Make The Most Ridiculously Cute Sound

There’s something about innocent, bright-eyed baby animals that makes the young of almost any species automatically adorable. When it comes to cuteness, it’s hard to outdo otter pups.

Otters are one of the most delightful animals out there. Their playfulness is just one sign of their remarkable intelligence. They’ve been seen playing with pebbles, but that’s just a casual diversion. Play-loving otters will actually do things like building a slide and then go zooming down into the water, purely for the fun of it. Although they sleep on land in dens they’ve built, otters spend a lot of time in the water, frolicking around and looking for something tasty to eat. Favorite treats include crabs, mollusks, fish, and sometimes bird eggs, worms, and snakes. Otter feet are webbed for swimming and yet they have considerable manual dexterity. With their long, thin bodies and small legs, otters have been described as ferrets that behave like seals.

The New Forest Wildlife Park in Ashurst, England is a refuge for numerous different animal species: badgers, polecats, wolves, deer, bison, foxes, owls, wildcats, boar, you name it! But the sanctuary’s most notable work may be the rescue and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned otters.

As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted for you below, baby otters can be insanely cute. A group of them are lined up at a fence feverishly anticipating the arrival of their favorite zookeeper. Even before the otters have spotted him, they’re already effervescent, jumping around and making ridiculously funny squeaking sounds. They stick their noses through the fence, climb on it, and otherwise make good use of their odd little hands. When they see the zookeeper approaching, they simply explode into a symphony of squeaks and squeals.

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