Where Have They Gone? 10 Popular Things from the 1970s We No Longer Use

The 1970s was a decade of fashion, music, and innovation. This era brought forth various engaging and memorable trends, from Super 8 cameras to tube socks, feathered hair, to Tab soda. The Super 8 camera, developed by Kodak, was one such innovation that allowed families to record their special moments on film. Moreover, it is affordable and easy to use, and it remained popular until the advent of Betamax and VHS camcorders.

The 1970s was also known for its fashion trends, some of which are still popular today. One such trend was shorts for men, which gained popularity because of athletes like Kareem, Abdul-Jabbar, and Pele. Men used to pair it with tube socks & a striped t-shirt to complete the sporty look. In addition, feathered hair, popularized by Charlie’s Angel’s star, Farrah Fawcett, made the hairdo a national fad during this decade.

The metric system was also an essential topic of discussion during the 1970s. Though there was a push to switch to the metric system as a universal measuring standard, people in our country were not ready to give up their conventional measuring system. As a result, the metric conversion act was passed in 1975 but was optional.

The Goodies Super Comb was another fashion accessory that became popular during the 1970s. Its clunky design made it look like a weapon, but it was a trusty hair accessory that could comb through anything. By putting a Super Comb in their back pockets, people signaled that they were serious about keeping their hair looking good.

The 1970s saw the introduction of “TaB” soda, a diet soda that was a big seller for Coca-Cola. Despite the warning labels about its side effects, “TaB” remained popular, thanks to its various flavors. The 1970s was also the decade of chopper-style motorcycles inspired by the movie Easy Rider. The bicycle design of this era featured banana seats and chopper-style handlebars.

Kids in the 1970s loved collecting cards, and “Wacky Packs” were a hilarious spoof on consumer products of the day. The artwork was drawn by some of the decade’s best-known artists, and kids couldn’t get enough of these cards. Another popular trend in children’s entertainment was the wild visuals of Sid and Marty Croft’s shows, which had millions of kids smiling on Saturday mornings.

The teenagers in the 1970s coveted the Pontiac Trans Am, which became the most popular muscle car of the decade. The movie Smokey & the Bandit helped catapult it further, cementing its status as a symbol of coolness and speed.

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Where Have They Gone? 10 Popular Things from the 1970s We No Longer Use