Those Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees Are On Clearance – Here’s Where to Get One Before They’re All Gone

Ceramic Christmas TreeRemember those times, back in the 1960s, when Grandma owned one of those fabulous ceramic Christmas trees? Or maybe you had one yourself? They were beautifully crafted, with their lush green foliage almost entirely covered with cheerful, brightly colored lights and decorations. They boldly stood in pride of place, in the living room, declaring that the holiday season had arrived and the festivities could begin.

These old-fashioned decorations from the past are reinventing Christmas in the present. They were hugely popular right through the 60s and the 70s and thankfully now they are making their come-back!

This season, ceramic Christmas tree lovers will be able to find the exact same designs on sale in most major retailers, both in-store and online, including giants like Amazon, Target and even Urban Outfitters.

Enjoy a nostalgic trip into Christmas past by getting your own ceramic Christmas tree for Christmas present, from any one of these popular retailers:


Target stocks ceramic Christmas trees in white and green models, complete with all their multi-colored lights and of course, the star, crowning the top. At around 14 inches high, they retail for a very reasonable $15 each on clearance.


Amazon Ceramic Christmas TreeThe ceramic Christmas trees that are available on Amazon have the advantage of being battery-powered and they even have a timer. This means you can set your timer for switching the decorations on and off again at a time that suits you, so it’s all automated. These beauties are selling at just $19.95 each (compared to $29.95 just last week) , so they represent very good value. If you are Prime member you might even be able to snag yourself some free shipping.

Pier 1

For creative artistic types, you can’t do better than Pier 1’s beautiful rendition of the classic ceramic Christmas tree that still brings the same Christmas cheer. It is a smaller lamp, at only about 10 inches high, with the foliage covered in snow and white Christmas lights. This tree is selling for $20 on clearance — so act fast.


Etsy is the place to go if you really want the best tree that reminds you of those bygone Christmases of yore. Prices vary and the limited editions are selling out fast. There are some fantastic bargains, these perfect little vintage decorations are sure to fly off the shelves. Make sure you get in early and don’t miss out.

These beloved symbols of Christmas cheer have been with us since the 1960s and it is wonderful that they have made a resurgence and have become popular once more. With improvements in technology this century, the new molds that create these latest ceramic tree models have also improved.

The benefit for us is a finer product, of higher quality workmanship. When you put up your ceramic Christmas tree this season, give a little smile because you can be confident it will be with you for many years to come.

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Those Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees Are On Clearance - Here\'s Where to Get One Before They\'re All Gone