Whippet/Poodle Mix Jumps Into Field With Tall Grass. Her Next Moves Made Me Gleeful.

Dogs, when they are young, have boundless energy. It’s amazing how much stamina they have to run around endlessly and jump around. Sometimes I think they have little nuclear reactors that power them. Now, the thing with these dogs is that they have to let out this energy or they may feel stressed. Fortunately, for one pooch that stars in this video, there’s a perfect outlet for her that can entertain both her and us viewers.

We see Rosie, a whippet/poodle mix whose daddy is Adam Buxton, who hosts a show on BBC. Clearly, then, they are somewhere in England. Yes, I know that I should be the next Sherlock… Anyways, she finds a field with tall stalks of grass. After rounding a bit of a turn, she cuts left and bounds into the grass, where she disappears for seconds at a time and then bounds up into view moments later. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

Rosie is SO enthusiastic while she does this. This is clearly a high-energy dog and she has this whole field to help expend it. Just try not to say “BOING!” every time she surfaces again. It’s impossible. I’ve tried several times, and the word just involuntarily comes out of my mouth each time. Well, it was a tossup between “BOING!” and “WHEEEEEEEE!” for me. You may make other sounds, if you like.

This has become my go-to for pushing away any bad feelings from a rough day. There’s something about seeing this doggie just bounding around in the field like she’s on springs or getting whooshed up in the air by vents that are under all the grass and stalks. It just so carefree and innocent about the whole scene. Rosie is having a blast and I’m sure her daddy was too just watching this.

What about you? Have you added this to your rotation of feel-good videos? Which other ones do you like? We always like smiling – please tell us in the comments section!

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