This White Cockatoo Loves To Dance, But Wait Till You See What He Does At The End! HILARIOUS!

Dance is a way of relaxation. Many people all over the world are a big fan, but it seems dancing is not limited to humans alone. Even our avian friends know how to execute some fancy footwork. Take, for example, this cute little cockatoo in the video below! This white cockatoo is called Louie Bird and he is a big dance enthusiast.

His owner, Teresa Buxton, decided to capture his antics on film, fortunately for us, so she turned on the radio. When Louie heard “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches and Herb playing on loud on the stereo, he immediately started to rock out. The best part comes towards the end though. Wait till you see this funky little guy for yourself! You’re going to be all smiles.

The funniest part of Louie’s dance is how expressive the feathers on his head are. You don’t realize how long they are until they stand fully upright while he’s dancing. He’s walking around on the desk, really shaking his groove thang!

Birds amaze me with their ability to keep time with the music while bobbing their heads up and down. Louie is no exception. He’s right on cue with the music. What a clever and happy bird! All it takes is a little music and a place to get his groove on to make this bird happy.

Watch Louie Bird below! I’d love to party with this bird, how about you? Let us know your thoughts about this clip in the comments!

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