White Peacock Shows Off His Feathers, But When He Turns Around? Hold Your Breath! WOW!

White Peacock

When we think about peacocks, we often imagine majestic blue and green feathered birds in our heads. But as it turns out, these incredible birds are just as gorgeous without their colorful plumage. These white peacocks are often mistaken for being albino, but as you can see, his eyes are not reddish.

This type of peacock is rare, and most people will never see one in their lifetime. I had the privilege of seeing two of them, together, while traveling in India. In some ways, they are even more beautiful than their colorful counterparts. They are no less noisy, though, and they loved the attention. These birds belonged to no one and were not in captivity. The people in the town considered them to be sacred.

In this clip, we can see the beautiful bird with his tail fully spread. When you look at him in all his glory, you are going to be speechless! I still can’t believe what I saw! I feel very fortunate to have seen two of these elegant birds while traveling. At one point he makes a sound, which at first, I thought was a passing vehicle. But it is this peacock letting everyone know he has arrived.

My grandmother was once given a peacock by my great uncle as a birthday present.  She always used to complain about him because he was a bit of a pest, but would always turn my great uncle down when he would try to find him a new home.  I kind of think she liked the fact that he would run out to her every time she came home from work.

Watch this amazing video below! Did this white peacock leave you amazed? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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White Peacock Shows Off His Feathers, But When He Turns Around? Hold Your Breath! WOW!