Wholesome Performance From Willie Nelson and Family During Virtual Luck Reunion

Every year, Willie Nelson holds a Luck Reunion concert at his ranch in Texas. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, many events that people are looking forward to are quickly getting canceled. Thankfully, Willie decided the show must go on virtually.

Nelson had recently taken time off from performing to take care of his health. Joined by his sons Lukas and Micah, Willie admits that we wouldn’t have taken any time off if they hadn’t forced him to do so.

The three talented musicians sit down and start the reunion with “Whiskey River.” His sons each sang an original song as well. Micah shared his song “Everything is Bullshit,” while Lukas sang “Set Me Down on a Cloud” and “Just Outside of Austin.”

Nelson’s son Lukas said, “Watching the broadcast go so well last night really gave me hope that the musical world will be able to be a major healing force and remind us not to lose our humanity during this time.”