Whoopi Goldberg hosts a 25th anniversary reunion for cast of “Sister Act”

Time does have a way of flying and therefore it’s hard to believe that it’s now been more than 25 years since the 1992 movie “Sister Act” took the country by storm. The musical comedy starring Whoopi Goldberg was such a big hit that it even inspired a Broadway show.

In the madcap movie, Whoopi plays a lounge singer in Reno who is forced to enter the Witness Protection Program. What better place to hide her than a nunnery? And so Deloris Van Cartier becomes Sister Mary Clarence and joins the other nuns who live at a convent in a seedy part of San Francisco. Adjusting to the cloistered life isn’t easy, but Sister Mary makes friends and eventually becomes the convent’s choir director. She trains its members to sing better and introduces some gospel and rock to the hymns. The revamped choir is such a success that the pope himself plans to visit so he can meet them. But before that can happen, drama and kidnapping throw in a big plot twist.

For the 25th anniversary of the movie in 2017, Whoopi Goldberg reunited some of the cast on ABC’s morning show “The View.” Among those present were Kathy Najimy (Sister Mary Patrick), Wendy Makkena (Sister Mary Robert), Sherri Izzard, Darlene Koldenhoven, Beth Fowler, and music supervisor Marc Shaiman on the piano. They celebrated with a stirring rendition of “I Will Follow Him,” a song that served as the movie’s finale. This version begins in a very traditional fashion, but halfway through, Sister Mary’s method takes over, making for a lively and fun look back at a particularly iconic scene from the movie.

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