Widow Devastated When Dog’s Ashes Get Stolen From Porch. 3 Wks Later She Finds This Note

They say often that when you think nothing can be worse to what happened, something else happens that makes it even more difficult. While people say that positive thinking attracts positive things these may not always be the case. There are circumstantial things that unravel when you least expect them. People try to be prepared for anything negative that might come their way.

These can be losing a job, losing an investment, not taking a vacation, etc. if it’s about money there are ways you can get ahead. There are things that you cannot prepare for. For instance, getting a disease. To avoid getting a disease, people do things like eating healthier. While this is not a guarantee, it can extend a person’s life expectancy. We live in a world where processed foods are most of what people eat. We have all heard about the danger of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Regardless, they continue to fly off the shelves.

There are hundreds of diets that come up every day promising rapid weight loss and even a better mood. Some of these diets are very extreme. Like ink pineapple for 10 days straight. Many people believe that this is supposed to cleanse your body of toxins. Another popular idea was drinking juices.

I remember it all started with a celebrity trainer who said he secret was drinking juices all day and every day. It was hard to argue because he looks very good. This made many Americans go to the supermarket or department store and get one of these juicers. Heck, I even tried it! What I found was that drinking juices makes you feel good. Drinking juice is healthy, but there are other healthy things you can do.

One more thing that you can readily be prepared for is that. When a loved one passes away it’s usually unexpected. A woman called Gloria Johnson lived through one of those turning points. Her husband passed away leaving her very sad. Gloria had a dog, a York Shire Terrier by the name of the code. Her dog had been for comfort while she mourned her husband’s death.

Unfortunately for her, her dog also passed away from complications of a possible stroke. This left her devastated. She had her doctor and made it and had the dog’s ashes delivered to her house. Before she could get the package, a thief stole it thinking it was something valuable that he could probably sell. Gloria posted signs and posters around the neighborhood begging the thief to return her dog’s ashes. After three weeks, she got a knock at her door and she was stunned by what a neighbor told her.