He Was Widowed 2 Years Ago. When They Tell Them About His Wife? I’m SOBBING Right Now!

After more than 2 years of his wife’s passing, this man called David Schmitz received a surprise gift from her, even after so long. Her name was Brenda, and she passed away due to complications related to ovarian cancer. Before that, though, she worked out a plan to give her husband a beautiful, touching surprise. Her plan was to write a letter and send it to Star 102.5, a radio station from their town, so she wrote the letter and gave her to her friend so she could carry out the plan. She told her friend that she should send the letter to David only after he begun a new relationship.

This radio station is famous for granting wishes as Christmas gifts every year. So naturally, when they learned about Brenda’s plan and read her letter, they couldn’t help but do everything that they could to fulfill her wish. Better grab some napkins before watching this video, because you will have to choke back some tears! How brave of her to prepare such a beautiful and amazing surprise for her husband, even after she’s gone and he has moved on.

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