His Wife Is On Her Deathbed, So He Starts Singing To Her. What Happens Next? HEART WRENCHING!

There was no way Erin Solari was prepared for the scene that awaited her within her grandmother’s hospital room back in September. She knew her 93-year-old hero was quickly slipping away from life, yet by the power of God her grandmother was able to spend her last moments her 92-year-old husband, the love or her life.

She was lucky enough to be there for one of the more heart-wrenching moments ever posted to YouTube, as this loving wife makes her final proclamation of love to her adoring husband. Suddenly, he begins to break out in song and you are going to need to break out the tissues!

“I always was your sweetheart,” Howard tells Laura. “I was your best lover… I don’t know how many others you had, but I was the best.”

Even through to the end, these two lovebirds were still having fun and teasing each other – a real lesson for all the struggling romantics out there looking for the perfect companion: it doesn’t exist, just find someone who makes you laugh and run with it.

According to the video description, it was not unusual for this adorable couple to serenade each other with their favorite song, Rosemary Clooney’s passionate rendition of, “You’ll Never Know.” While Laura may be too weak to sing these days, Howard takes over for the both of them and sings his heart out to his long-time lover, his life partner and most important of all: his wife.

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