Wife Gets Serenaded As Husband Sings to Her Daily Through Nursing Home Window

When you watch a romantic movie, you may think the type of gestures in those movies doesn’t happen in real life. When a man decides to sing to his wife every day through the window in her nursing home, your heart will fill with love.

It sounds like something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Dr. John Kline can no longer embrace his wife and visit with her inside her nursing home due to new safety precautions from COVID-19. That doesn’t stop John from seeing the love of his life.

Every day, Dr. Kline visits his wife Ann from outside of her nursing home window. Ann listens to her loving husband as he belts out tunes like “I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy (Down In My Heart).” Out of all the chaos happening right now, this is such a sweet sentiment.

Although there is a lot of worry going on all around the world, loving gestures like what Dr. Kline is doing, give everyone else a bit of hope. As each day passes, John and Ann continue to spend time together in a new way, just a window screen apart.

Man sings to his wife daily through her nursing home window

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Posted by NBC12 on Friday, March 20, 2020