Wife records husband’s “unique” singing abilities in the shower.

Wife records husband’s hilarious singing

Taking a shower after a long tiring day of work or any physical activities that you have done within the day can certainly relieve all stress and tension in your body.

Creatively, you can add some singing portions to your shower routine to make it more fun and exciting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sing inside the shower.

It has all the elements that can make your voice level up to a singer’s level. Also, we can’t deny the fact that it totally feels good to loosen up some tiredness through singing.

However, this one guy has taken his shower singing habit to a higher level. Instead of singing some random incomplete song, he decided to sing a funny makeup song about his experience using a menthol soap.

At first, you would think of him as a crazy guy singing inside the shower. But as you listen more, you will realize that there is so much more truth in his makeup lyrics.

His wife can’t help but record his unique singing habits to prove how talented his husband is. She also shared it online to give some healthy good vibes on social media.

We all have different ways of releasing stress, but having a warm shower while singing for a cold night is one of the best relievers. And a shower is one of the safest places to sing, no matter how great or terrible our voices are.

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