A wife sneaks up on her sleeping husband. She then smashes a cake in his face!

Revealing a baby’s gender to the father has got to be one of the funniest things to watch. People have come up with the most unusual ways as well as other classic ones. One of the most popular is the classic “buns in the oven.” In this form, the mother will ask her husband and hopefully more people to hang out at her home on a given day.

She will be pretending to be cooking or baking something while she makes small talk. Then, she will ask one person there to help her take out whatever she has in the oven. When this other person complies, he or she will often find some buns and will notice the oven was not even on. The mother will ask the person what it was that they had taken out, and when they say, “buns in the oven” is when they are supposed to realize what had happened.

Other fun ways are when they are telling the siblings of the arrival of the new baby. A cool way that parents have found to do this is with a box of balloons. What they will do is place several colored balloons inside the box. They tell their kids that the color of the balloons will mean the gender of the baby. If the balloons are blue, then it will be a boy, if they are pink, then it’s a girl.

The thing is that most of the time, not all the children are happy about it. For instance, if there’s a boy and a girl and the new baby will be a girl, the boy will usually be disappointed while the girl is ecstatic about the news. When this happens, it’s up to the parents to calm them down. After all, all babies are gifts from God.

There are many YouTube users who are already familiar with the antics of Eric Meldik. He runs the wildly popular ViralBrothers channel. This is a popular video uploading site. His wife Domisha also loves to pull pranks on people, especially her husband. In the following video, you can see Eric is sleeping rather peacefully.

He is totally unaware of the events that are about to go down. One thing is certain: he will probably never sleep as peacefully as he did here, at least not around Domisha. When the video begins, you get your chance to meet Domisha. She has baked a cake to commemorate a very special occasion: the upcoming birth of their child. Now, this is where it gets interesting!