Wife thinks husband won’t make daughter’s recital – then she looks up on the stage

In this day and age, it can be extremely hard to raise a family. You have to balance so many things in your life, including work, getting the kids to school, appointments, meetings, your personal health, grocery shopping, your own hobbies and pastimes, and so much more. It seems that it’s just once content juggling act, where many times you can drop everything to the floor.

Spending time with your family becomes increasingly difficult as you try to keep the ship afloat. Unfortunately, working long hours to support your loved ones can have a detrimental effect on your relationships with them, especially if it seems you’re never actually there. Strains can start to show, everyone gets stressed and agitated, and eventually something has to give. Does this sound familiar to you?!

Lauren is a 10-year-old dancer and has been interested in the art from a very young age. She attends classes on a regular basis and is dedicated to perusing it to a professional level. She is always keen to show her natural talent and performs in dance recitals whenever possible. The problem is, she’d like her dad to be a bit more involved – and actually get to see her perform once in a while.

Lauren’s dad Micheal has a familiar story. He works super hard to support his family, and as a result is sometimes not always around. In this inspiring video made by Quaker, they gave the family the opportunity they really wanted. Michael and Lauren both said they desired to spend more time with each other – and that is exactly what they did – in the most remarkable way!

Everyone else in the family was kept in the dark as Michael and Lauren began secretly taking dance classes together. Michael was far from a polished product, never having the talent for dancing at all, but the dedicated and good-humoured father wanted to do this for his daughter.

When the day of the recital came, he was nowhere to be found. Lauren’s mom tried calling him but only got his voicemail. With an empty seat beside her as the theater lights lowered, and Lauren took to the stage to begin her piece, it was going to be just another let down from a father too busy at work to attend his daughters dance recital. Then Lauren’s mom looked up onto the stage. Don’t let us spoil it for you – enjoy this amazing and heart-warming video below!