This Wild Cat Appeared As If Out Of Nowhere, But It’s What It Did Next That Has Me Shocked!

While we all know that cats enjoy attention when they want it, we sometimes forget that the big cats and other wildcats in the world aren’t too different than our everyday feline friends.

The Manul or Pallas’ cat in this video is a small wildcat. It got its name from the German-born zoologist Peter Pallas who discovered it in the wild.

These felines are not big. They weigh between five and nine pounds. Although their size is about the same as your housecat, they possess circular pupils, stout legs, and eerily yellow irises.

“Their habitat is characterized by an extreme continental climate with little rainfall, low humidity and a wide range of temperatures,” says the Wildcat Conservation website. “These little predators prefer valleys and rocky areas where they have some cover, and avoid completely open habitats.”

These cats are native to Central Asia and are an endangered species. They were hunted for their fur coats at the beginning of the 20th century and their population was depleted.

Although they seem cute, the Manul is not a friendly cat. But it is extremely curious as you’ll see in this video. When the cat in this video sees a camera posted near his den, he doesn’t plan on letting it go by without a thorough investigation.

The cat gets up as close as it can to the camera. Watch him sniff it out at the 24-second mark. This is a must watch for all cat people!

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