Wild Cockatoos Visit Every Morning In An Adorable Display Of Love

This footage from 1969 shows a balcony gazing over Sydney, Australia, that happens to be a favorite meeting place for wild cockatoos each morning. What a sight to see cockatoos arriving from all around the vicinity, conglomerating not only once but rather each morning in this safe haven. The resident can only be a bird lover with that many wild sulfur-crested cockatoos around.

A daily visit from that many cockatoos is something you don’t see very often, let alone experience. The gathering must be as much a treat for each feathered cutie as it is for the person enjoying a balcony full of birds. Now that’s motivation to get up and start your day with a smile.

Every morning atop this balcony in Sydney, Australia, a chattering of cockatoos conglomerates. As if word spread quickly from one visiting cockatoo to another, this lucky resident gets visited daily with an early morning wake-up call that’s too adorable to ignore.