A friendly wild deer buck named Yoda enjoys neck rubs

wild deer buck named Yoda

A fresh green lawn, 4 does, and one buck. The video begins by showing us these animals as they lie on the ground and ruminate. A woman waters the field as the deer watch.

Normally, adult bucks are chased away from the herd by the females. However, Yoda is Eva’s son, and Eva is the herd’s matriarch. Yoda is young enough that they let him stay around.

With a house in the natural habitat, the deer have become comfortable sharing their space with these humans. Rasa, the friendly human, pets the deer and rubs their chests. All this while gentle sitar music plays in the background.

wild deer buck named Yoda

Rasa approaches Yoda and touches him by the snout. Yoda is receptive, licking at the palm of the human. When he stops, he gives a tired little yawn and watches the beautiful vista.

The timelapse follows Yoda as he ages and gets bigger. His fur-covered horns peel off and reveal splendid brown horns. Now Rasa scratches and rubs the older Yoda. He seems very satisfied with these rubs!

A flurry of neck and head rubs from different angles? Yoda loves them all. He licks Rasa’s hand in gratitude each time. The calm deer relaxes as his mother joins in to lick him while being rubbed by Rasa.

Rasa sits on the ground, legs crossed, and continues to pet the mellow buck. It is amazing to see how much the deer have come to love and trust this man. They gather around and also crave the attention he gives.

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