Wild Deer Sees A Woman Inside The House, Watch How He Imitates Her! I Can’t Believe It!

Animals have a way of surprising you sometimes. Just take a look at this fascinating clip below. It features a wild deer that is going to leave you stunned with what it does! The deer can be seen wandering around outside an office. But when he catches a glimpse of the woman inside, he does something unexpected! She stops to watch the deer through the window, but what really happens is that the deer stops to watch her!

This was taken at an environmental education facility on Long Island. This curious deer spots the woman and copies all her moves! When she lifts her leg, he does the same. And what follows next is not only hilarious, but pretty awesome as well! Wait till you see this! When the woman realizes that the deer is copying her moves, she continues to raise her legs one at a time just to test the deer.

The deer seems completely fascinated by her movements, which are nothing extraordinary but the deer seems to think so. In fact, he seems to think they are so extraordinary, he wants to try to copy them! When this woman raises one leg, the deer does the same. When she raises her other leg, the deer raises his other leg.

I wonder what is going through this deer’s mind? Surely he has seen a human before. Maybe because she’s inside, the deer isn’t afraid to find out more about this strange creature that walks on two legs.

Watch this interesting clip below! Have you seen anything like it before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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